• Object oriented programming

Java is an object-oriented programming language .it consists of object and class. We can access any function and method in a class by using the object .Java provides a plate form to develop an effective and efficient app for real-life complexities. Most of the concepts of java inherited from C++ that makes it easy for traditional programs to understand it.Java language support the inheritance polymorphism etc..

  • Compiled interpreted

Java used the compiler and interpreted for convert high-level code to a low level. It used the both compiler and interpreted for this work. Another language such as C and C++ used only one compiler otherwise interpreted. First of all, Java used the compiler and generated the bytecode and  bytecode  interpreter and generate the real machine code .It used both services for this work.

  • Platform  independent  portable

Java program is independent and portable.Java program develop on any computer system and run on any other computer system that is loaded with JVM. For example, you can write the program on window 98 and execute the program and compiled the program on the JVM Macintosh operating system. It can run on different machines.

  • Distributed

Java is distributed its application easily runs on network Therefore Java provides a network facility.

Multi threaded.
Java multi-threaded means java execute Multiply threaded at the same time.Java threaded means java perform particular work in a small bit.Java multithreaded perform the multiple works at the same time such as browser you can search website on one page and download the something on other page and you can watch video and sing-song at a time on the same browser. It used in multimedia application, for example, you sing a song on the app and at the same time you can download videos and watch a video.

  • Dynamic

Java programming is dynamic it means java program adds a new class and new method in program dynamic and links new class and method.  If you are compiling the file that depends on other non compiled file then the compiler tries to find them and compile them also. Java is dynamic language therefore during run time it notes the class library that needs it. Java is dynamic therefore we can use its native method in programs such as c and C++.

  • Robust and secure

Java is the robust language it identifies the error easily. It provides a powerful and robust exception for handling the deal of both the expected and unexpected error at run deallocates the memory for the garbage collection in the program.Java is the secure language it provides the security on the internet when running the program on the internet such an applet before the run program on internet java give a warning if it contains a virus and other error.Java works in a networked and distributed environment  by providing security.


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