A simple program in java for beginners
In this,  page we will learn how to create a simple java program.we can write a simple java program after installing the Java JDK kit. For creating a simple java program you need to create a class that contains the main method.

The requirement  for creating a simple java program.
For executing any program you need to.
Installed the java JDK ket  if you do not have installed it.
Set the path of JDK.
Create the java program.
Compile and run the java program.
Write the hello program.

Class Test
Public  Static   Void   Main(String  args[])
Out put of this program.
It is a simple program of java. The class name is starting with capital words.

How to save and run a java program.
Java program is save with TEST.JAVA extension.
Java program compile on the command line.
Run>>>Java Test
Parameter used in first program of java.
Class> class is used to declare the class in java program.
The public>public  keyword is an access specifier that is access the out site of class that is visible for all.
Static>> is a keyword the main advantage of static is that if we declare any method with static it is known is static method  and the static method is that there is no need  to create an object to invoke the static method. the static method executes with JVM and it saves the memory.
Void>> void means it returns no value.
Main>>Main rrepresentsthe starting point of the program.
String()args>> is used for command line argument. We will learn later.
System.out.printin()>> is used to print the statement.


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