Java introduction

Java is an object-oriented programming language.Java is a very popular programming language and platform. It is high-level language  and any hardware and software environment in which a  program run is called platform .java is plate form language its own  runtime Environment  JRE and API .1991 java was developed by JAMES GOSLING and his team in the son microsystem. The small team of engineers called the green team firstly it was called the green talk by JAMES GOSLING. It is developed as a part of a green project. In 1995 was developed first version  1.0.Latest   version  SE 8.o was developed in March 2019.Java starting name was oak after some time he replaced with java .In 2010 java was required as oracle company.It is used in android application and web-based application and machine application.


Java is very popular language. It is used in android application and web-based application and machine application.
Java used to make desktop application such  as Acrobat readers and antivirus and media player.
Java used in web applications such as etc.
Java used enterprise application  such as banking application.
Java used in mobile and embedded system, smart card, Robotic, Games application, etc.

  Types of application.

·        Standalone application.
It is also known as a desktop application.
·        Web application.
It is an application that runs on the server side applications.
·        Enterprise application
An application developed for business and banking applications.
·        Mobile application.
Mobile application that is created for mobile devices by using ANDROID STUDIO and ME java.

   Java version history.

Jdk alpha and beta  1995.
Jdk 1.0(23rd Jun 1996)
Jdk 1.1(19th Feb 1996)
J2se 1.2(8th Dec 1998)
J2se 1.3(8th May 2000)
J2se 1.4(6th Feb 2002)
J2se 5.0(30th Sep 2004)
Java SE 6(11th Dec 2006)
Java SE 7(28th July 2011)
Java SE 8(18th March 2014)

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