|JavaScript tutorial|javascript is a scripting language that is a lightweight programming language. Javascript is a lightweight, open-source, client-side scripting language developed by Netscape in 1995. In beginning, it was known as live script, but because it was generated by java Netscape changed its name as can integrate with html page and enable web authors to increase the interactivity of the web pages and load content dynamic. Javascript is a high-level untyped and interpreted programming language . Despite some naming syntactic and standard library similarities javascript and java are otherwise unrelated .as the browsers go through the javascript it passes it to a special program called interpreted which converts the javascript to machine code your computer understands. browsers come equipped with javascript interpreters.

Javascript is usually embedded directly into html pages to increase inactivity with them.
Java is an interpreted language(which means that the scripts execute without preliminary compilation.) Java and javascript are two complete difference language.Java script gives html designers a programming tool:html authors are normally not programmers but javascript is a scripting language with a very simple,e syntax.Java script can put dynamic text into an html script can react to events .a javascript can be set when something happens like when a page has finished loading or when the users click on an html element .javascript can read and write html script can be used to detect the visitor browsers .it can detect the browsers and depend on that it could load another script can be used to create cookies .it can store and retrieve data on the visitor computer.

Use of javascript.
Java script uses to create dynamic webpages.
Java script uses to crate a richer client-side interface of a website.
Java script can be used for security and validations.
Javascript can be used to fetch user information like IP address, browser details, etc.
Advantages of javascript.
Less server interaction.
Immediate feedback to the user.
Richer interface.
Java vs javascript.
Java script is an oop scripting language while java is an oop programming language .
Java script interpreted by and runs on browsers only while java code can execute on both JVM and script code is not complicated and strict while java code is so complicated and strict.
Javascript used to increase the interactivity of webpages and create a dynamic webpage with html while java used to create a stand-alone and live application using applets.

What you should already know.
Basic computer ,internet ,internet ,html,css and coding experience in text editor .
What you need to start.
A working computer laptop with already installed browsers (firbox,chorom ,opera)
Text editor(notepade++ ,dreamweaver, etc..) virtual server (option )(wamp,xamp,lamp, etc)
And mood to code(required)

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