SQL|SQL tutorial|

SQL stands for the structured query language.
It is commonly used with all databases for data definition and manipulation.
SQL lets you access and manipulates the database.
SQL is an ANSI(American national standards institute) .

What can sql do?|SQL tutorial|

Sql can xecute quries against a database
Sql can retrieve data from a database.
Sql can insert records in a database.
Sql can update records in datanbase
Sql can delete records in database.
Sql can create a new table in the database.

Using sql on your website.|SQL tutorial|

To build a website that shows data from the database, you will needs;
An RDBMS database program(ms access, sql server, my sql)
To use a server-side a scripting language, like php or asp
To use sql to get the data you went
To use html/CSS to style the page.

Feature of sql.|SQL tutorial|

It is a nonprocedural language .
It is an English like language
It can process a single record as well as a set of recot=rds at a time,
All sql statement defines what is to be done rather than how it is to be done.
Sql has facilities for defining database views, security, transaction, etc.

RDBMS,|SQL tutorial|
RDBMS stands for the relational database management system.
The data in RDBMS is stored in a database object called tables.
A table is a collection of related data entries and it consists of columns and rows.

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